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Connect Shopboxo Pay
Connect Shopboxo Pay
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Accept online payment through e-wallets!

Just navigate to Payments and tap Connect and follow instructions.

With Shopboxo Pay customers can pay with GCash, GrabPay and Maya.
Transactions secured by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and processed by Xendit.

Processing fee for Shopboxo Pay is 2.9%

  • One tap activation of wide range of online payment methods.

  • Clear and transparent history of all payments made by buyers.

  • Payouts are twice in a week on Tuesday and Friday.

  • Unlimited number of transactions and purchase amounts.

Customers will be able to pay from their e-wallet straight to your bank account.

You need to add your Banking details to receive the payment:

  • Select your Bank

  • Input your Account number

  • Input Account holder name

Payments through GrabPay and Maya can be received immediately.

For the GCash payments you need verify your account.

Follow this detailed guide for the GCash KYC process.

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