Cross selling Groups
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Maximize your sales with cross-selling groups

Allow your customers to create combo's, so they can select more products!

You just need to add cross-sell group in the Product.

  • Navigate to Products

  • Select the product (For example: Burger)

  • Tap on Add cross-sell group and save the Title

  • Add products that are related to your main product (For example: Fries and Soda)

That's it. Now on the product page customer will see options to add Fries and Soda.

Product can have multiple cross-selling groups. Feel free to add related products to encourage your customers to spend more.

If you want to add already existing cross-sell groups, you need to tap Add cross-sell group and search for it. Simply click on one of the search results to add the existing cross-sell group.

Here is how this will be displayed to customer on your online store:

You can apply settings like: Min to select and Max to select
Just navigate to the product you added the Cross-sell group and tap on the option

To delete the Cross-sell group please tap on Options (3 dots on top right) and tap Delete

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