Food & Beverage Pickup
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Allow your customers to pickup their orders!
You need just enable the pickup in Fulfillment settings.

Navigate to Store, select the Fulfillment and tap on the toggle next to Pickup

You will need to add the pickup instructions and display the order preparation time. The order preparation time will be displayed to the customer once the order is placed.
Provide your customer with detailed instructions on how, when, and where they should pickup.

Fulfillment flow and Order statuses will be different for Pickup method.
Pickup orders will be marked with specific badge.

  • Accept the order

  • Soon as order is ready you need to changed the status for Ready for pickup

  • Pending pickup

  • After customer picked up the order, please mark as Completed

Generate unique QR Code for easy order and pickup.

Customer can scan this code and order form will automatically select Pickup as fulfillment method. You can get your QR Code after setting pickup method.

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