Ship your orders easily with Shopboxo Delivery!

  • Customers will always be provided with the cheapest delivery option

  • You only need to provide your pickup address and several delivery providers will automatically be added to your online shop

  • You and your customers will be able to track any order and get the information on the delivery status at any time

  • Buyers will receive the best customer experience during the delivery process provided by our third party partners included in Shopboxo Delivery

NOTE: Shopboxo Delivery will work only if Shopboxo Pay is enabled

To enable Shopboxo Delivery please navigate to Store tab and select Delivery
Tap on Connect

For now available is NinjaVan. LalaMove and GrabExpress will be added soon.

Enter your pickup address

Shipment will be collected by couriers from this address

Please select your Province, City, Barangay and ZIP code
Add your address: street and building number, apartment number.
If needed please add special instructions, so courier can find your.

Make sure all your products has weight indicated

Shopboxo Delivery will automatically calculate the delivery cost based on your products weight.

Please specify the weight of each product, so the delivery cost will be accurate.
You can specify the weight from the Shopboxo Delivery setup. Add weight for each product or Apply same weight for all products and variants.

NOTE: Maximum weight limit is 20 kg for Ninjavan

Also you can add the weight in each Product settings.

Your Shopboxo Delivery is ready!

Let's check the customer's side:

  • Customer will see only delivery method option, without courier name.
    Delivery fee is calculated automatically and added to the order total.

  • If customer selecting Shopboxo Delivery methods, they can pay only with Shopboxo Pay: Grab, Maya and GCash.

  • If they will select Self Delivery method, they will be able to pay with CoD and Custom payment method.

The quotation of delivery is automatically, no need to call the courier.

Click on Request button to quote the shipping.

You will changes in status to Pending Pickup and then Shipped after courier will pick up the package.
Soon as order will be delivered you will see status Complete.

NOTE: Please prepare the waybill manually prior the pick up.


Ninja Van is Southeast Asia's leading logistics provider, with the highest service coverage over 6 countries in the region.

  • Ninja Van picks up the package during their operating hours 10am-10pm

  • Make sure your order is packed before ordering a courier to pick up the goods

  • You don't need to pay shipping fees to Ninja Van couriers

  • The payout you receive on a weekly basis will not include the shipping fee, the shipping fee is directly transferred to the delivery provider

  • Shipping costs may change if the weight of the original product is different from what is written in the app

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