Create and manage discounts for your customers.

ONLY logged in customers able to use discount codes!

Navigate to Store tab and tap on Discounts

You can set discount by Code and Automatic discounts.

By code - customer need to apply discount code at the checkout
Automatic - discount will be applied automatically at the checkout

NOTE: You can have multiple manual discount codes running, but only one automatic discount code at any point of time.

Discount variants:

  • Fixed amount

  • Percentage

  • Free shipping

Advanced settings:

Active dates - set up start time and date, set end date.
Minimum purchase amount - customer should spend amount to enable the code.
Limit to one use per customer — great feature to limit discount uses on deals.
Limit total uses — enable this to limit qty of uses.
Number of uses — total number of discount code uses.

Save your discount and share the code with customer :)

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