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Shopboxo Pay Overview
Shopboxo Pay Overview
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With Shopboxo Pay you can receive online payments through e-wallets! To enable Shopboxo Pay, please follow the link: Shopboxo Pay connection guide

Orders paid with Shopboxo Pay will change their status automatically.

You can check order payments and weekly payouts to your bank account.

Order included in Payout only if meet next criteria:

  • Order is in Completed status

  • Order payment is transferred to Shobpoxo account in Xendit.
    E-wallet settlement time is 2 days after successful payment.

You can check each payout and see the details: Status, Included order information and Due date.

NOTE: Payout cutoff time is Sunday 9AM PH. Orders paid before this time, will be included in nearest payout. Orders paid after cutoff time, will be added to the next upcoming payout.

Payout statuses:

  • Paid - payout completed and sent to your bank account

  • Failed - payout failed, please contact support

  • Pending - payout in the process

  • Upcoming - scheduled payout

Please contact support via chat or email if you have any experiencing any issues.

To disable Shopboxo Pay please click on three dot options and tap Disable.
NOTE: At least one other payment method should be enabled.

Click the button below to check the connection guide

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