Whenever customer will place an order on your Online store, you will receive a notification.

It will be a Push notification on your phone

Also you can set up order notifications for Email, SMS and WhatsApp. Please check Notifications settings in Account tab.

Navigate to the Orders tab to check all orders.

You can see each order with all details, like: Customer name, Payment type, Order status and amount.

Order fulfilment statuses:

  • Pending - order waiting for your confirmation.

  • Accepted - order accepted and waiting delivery.

  • Shipped - order picked up by courier.

  • Delivered - order marked as delivered.

  • Rejected - order was not accepted.

  • Canceled - order was canceled after accepting.

  • Failed - order that was failed to place.

Receive and Mark order as Paid

On the Orders tab at the top right corner you can see two buttons for Filtration and Sorting

You can filter by Payment type, Fulfilment status and Period. You can Sort by Order number, Date, Customer name and Total price.

Check this guide on how to refund order.

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