With this feature you can:

  • Specify tax rate and how it's collected.
    Set the tax rate and choose whether tax is already included in the price of products or if it should be added at checkout:
    - If tax is not included in product prices, tax amount will be calculated at checkout and presented to the customer.
    - If tax is included, tax amount will not be calculated. Customer will be informed at checkout that taxes are included.

  • Specify any additional fees that will be applied when placing the order:
    These fees will apply at checkout and can either be percentage of subtotal amount or a fixed amount.

All the information about taxes and fees will be displayed on checkout page, order details page and receipt.

Note: You can have one tax rate and multiple fees.

To set up tax or fee, please navigate to Store > select Taxes
You can disable it at anytime.

Please check this video:

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