In this guide you will find information about Product fields, Variants and Catalog Menu.
Let's add more products to your store. Just navigate to Products tab > click + Add

  • Add Image by clicking + in square. You can take a picture from camera or upload from gallery.

  • Title - please enter title of the product here.

  • Description is optional, but we suggest you to add some text here. Great description can increase your sales.

  • Category - you can select from categories that were added before or create new one from here. If needed, you can select multiple categories for one product.

  • Next two fields are Price and Sale price. If the product is not on sale, please fill out only Price field. If you want to add product to sale, please fill Sale price field.

  • Weight - please specify the weight of your product, so it can automatically calculate the delivery fee.
    Note: Sale price can't be equal or more than normal price.

    Here is how it will be displayed to customers:

Click on three dots to open menu for Preview and Share buttons.

Also you can add Variants to your product.

You can add Size and Color variant. Easily set different prices for each variant.

This is how your customers will see variant selection:

Catalog Menu

In Products tab you can manage your Catalog. Create products and categories.

You can easily Hide product or mark it as Out of stock. Just click the toggle and select option you need.

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