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Self Delivery Method
Self Delivery Method
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Set up and manage your own Delivery Methods.

This delivery is manual and you need to book a shipment delivery from a couriers manually.

NOTE: Delivery fee not added to order total.

Just navigate to Store tab > select Delivery > click + Add

Select the type of Delivery method:

  • Flat rate

  • Free delivery

  • Quoted after order

Title - displays the name of delivery option, for example "Same Day Delivery".
Description - here you can add some explanation of delivery option.
Delivery charge - please enter delivery fee.
Minimum purchase amount - please enter minimum purchase amount, to display this option in Delivery methods. Customers will see this method only if their purchase amount will be equal or more than value entered in that setting.
Delivery time - select average delivery time from the pop-up menu.

You can also manage displaying of your Delivery methods by turning them off/on from the menu. Just click the switch button.

This is how your customers will see Delivery methods on their side.

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